Watch YouTube videos when offline with TubeMate 

What if you want to watch your favourite YouTube videos but you don’t have the connectivity to the internet? There is the option to bookmark them but what will you do about the internet connection? Well, you need not worry as there is this perfect solution for your problem. TubeMate YouTube downloader is the perfect app for you if you love to watch YouTube videos when offline on your blackberry playbook. You can watch the saved videos as per your convenience with the help of TubeMate app. just download TubeMate and download as many videos as you want. 
Though TubeMate is not an app specially designed for the playbook. TubeMate a third-party application which runs very smoothly on the blackberry playbook. All you have to do is type the name of the video you are looking for in the search bar and click on the green arrow at the bottom of the screen. While downloading the video, you can also select the resolution and the format of the video you are downloading. But keep in mind that a better-quality video will take up more space in your blackberry playbook. A separate playlist can also be prepared for your downloaded videos via TubeMate.

A majority of people are skeptical when it comes to downloading an app such as TubeMate which does not belong to blackberry playbook. But we assure you that the app works effortlessly on the playbook. The only problem is that at first, the downloaded videos may not play on the playbook, but this issue can be solved once you reboot your blackberry playbook. Another option is to download the TubeMate .bar file on your playbook. 

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